Get Down Memphis

For 20 years, the Downtown Commission’s (DMC) Blue Suede Brigade patrolled Main Street with a distinct Memphis spin. As the keepers of Downtown’s best insider tips and Memphis history, the Brigadiers shared their knowledge with boundless energy and gracious Southern hospitality. In May 2017, the Brigade was reborn with an extended role, added personnel and more than a nod to those who came before them.

The new Blue Suede Brigade 2.0 is anchored by 12 full-time employees of the DMC and performs a dual function on the streets of Downtown Memphis, serving as both hospitality and security officers.

The newly formed team will work to support police efforts in Downtown Memphis in the same manner that the part-time contract Downtown bike patrol previously served, but will add Brigadier-style hospitality to their full-time responsibilities. 

With the combined security and customer service experience reaching over the 100-year mark, this team is primed to succeed on the job. Beyond their backgrounds, the new team was selected based on their love for Downtown Memphis and desire to make a difference in our community.

In addition to an enhanced job scope, the Blue Suede Brigade 2.0 has an updated uniform, extended hours and a larger coverage area. The team will also be outfitted with bikes and Segways for increased mobility. But above all the newness, the Blue Suede Brigade 2.0 will have a healthy dose of history at its core.

Brigadiers are trained to provide assistance and information to visitors, workers, residents, and businesses throughout Downtown. In addition, Brigadiers are the supplemental eyes and ears of the business community and our law enforcement agencies.

About the Blue Suede Brigade:

Extended hours: Sunday 10 a.m.-10 p.m., Monday-Wednesday 7 a.m.-10 p.m., Thursday-Saturday 7 a.m.-Midnight
Extended coverage area: (North to South Boundaries) Exchange to GE Patterson; (West to East Boundaries) Front to BB King, and inclusive of the Civic Commons area. Some duties and functions:

  • Provide directions and information about activities, attractions, history, development, businesses, and services.
  • Offer daily reports on events, activities, contacts made, and assistance provided, as well as maintenance or safety conditions requiring attention.
  • Utilize two-way radios to respond to calls from other brigadiers and to communicate directly with the Memphis Police Department.
  • Are thoroughly trained in security, radio and patrol procedures, health and safety awareness, history and geography of Downtown, and hospitality and customer service skills.