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Downtown Memphis Commission

The Downtown Memphis Commission (DMC), formerly known as the Center City Commission, is the organization charged with advancing Memphis and Shelby County by making Downtown Memphis a better place to work, live, learn, invest and visit. 

The DMC is funded by an assessment on commercial property in the Central Business Improvement District and is not funded by any city or county taxes.

The DMC's charge is to reinvest those funds for the continuned development of Downtown for the betterment of all of Memphis and Shelby County. Our City and County governments believe that a strong, vibrant Downtown serves as a vital economic engine that ultimately helps all communities throughout the county prosper and grow. As such, the City of Memphis and Shelby County governments established the Downtown Memphis Commission to capitalize on Downtown's role as the economic, cultural, and governmental heart of the city and county. The DMC is the official partnership between local government and the private business community in Downtown's development.

The DMC's two primary metrics for success are 1) an increase in the number of people living, working and engaging in Downtown and 2) an increase in Downtown commercial property values. To accomplish these goals, the DMC implements a variety of programs and tools to foster development and investment, and to make Downtown active, walkable, clean, safe, inclusive, and interesting.  View our programs, and click here to see our boundary map.

Funding Structure

The DMC is an independent development agency and is not funded by City or County taxes. The DMC is primarily funded by a special assessment on commercial properties in the Central Business Improvement District (CBID), the area referred to as Downtown Memphis, and fees paid by private Downtown developers. All of Memphis and Shelby County benefit from the work done by the DMC, but citizens and property owners outside of Downtown do not contribute to the DMC's operations or incentives. 

The Downtown Memphis Commission includes Five Affiliate Boards

To advance its mission, the Downtown Memphis Commission board works along with four other affiliate boards that share the same goals. Each of these organizations plays a different role in accomplishing the overall goal of advancing Memphis and Shelby County by making Downtown Memphis a better place to work, live, learn, invest and visit. Although each is a separate board, they operate in coordination and efficiently by sharing the same offices and staff.

  • Downtown Memphis Commission
  • Center City Development Corporation
  • Center City Revenue Finance Corporation
  • Downtown Parking Authority
  • Design Review Board