Get Down Memphis

Clean and Green Programs

Court Square

From weddings and special events, to landscaping and maintenance issues, we manage Court Square, Downtown's "living room", by issuing event permits and contracting with landscaping services.  Court Square permits

Main Street Pedestrian Mall

DMC is charged with managing public realm and activities along the Main Street Pedestrian Mall.  We contract landscaping companies to ensure plantings are well-maintained and provide permits to on-street performers and other events on Main Street between Peabody Place and Civic Center.  Permits for Main Street Mall

Public Art

DMC engages with local and regional artists to reimagine underused spaces and identify opportunities for enhancement.  Over the past 2 years, DMC has commissioned more than $300K in public art installations, including the South Main Mosaic Project

Downtown Cleaning Crews

To supplement city services, DMC partners with the Shelby County Detention Center to oversee daily cleaning crews.  The crews primarily focus on high pedestrian areas along and around Main Street Mall, but also to deep cleaning in neglected areas.  DMC also oversees daily community service worker clean up crews.

Safety Programs

Downtown Security Officers

We employ a a team of certified private secuirty officers who serve as our 4-man on-bike Downtown Security Team.  Although their focus is on panhandling issues, our team works closely with MPD to serve as their auxiliary eyes and ears on the street.  Our officers are available to anyone in need of help in Downtown by calling (901) 281-9146. More

The Blue Suede Brigade is the DMC's best-in-class safety and hospitality team. Anchored by 20+ full-time employees, the 30+ member team is responsible for creating a welcoming environment throughout the entrie CBID, including Beale Street, Riverfront and the Medical District.  More

Property Development Initiatives

Financial Incentives for Development

Our Development Team works with investors and developers with sound development projects to identify gaps that deter development projects from moving forward and will determine if the project qualifies for DMC incentives.  We provide two primary incentives for property development: Downtown Property PILOTs and Development Loans.

Sign Regulations and Design Guidelines

Through the Design Review Board, DMC is charged with ensuring high-quality built environment by administering established Sign Regulations for Downtown and ensuring that DMC-incentivized projects meet high quality design guidelines.

Project Planning and Consultation

We provide site selection assistance, market demographics, and general consultation to project and property developers to ensure projects are successful and appropriate.

Anti-Neglect and Anti-Blight Intiatives

We aggressively work to bring neglected and blighted properties back into active uses throughout Downtown in a variety of ways.  We work with property owners to help them shore up their blighted properties by offering incentives and connecting them with developers, install public art and lighting to improve aesthetics, and ultimately, work with our anti-blight attorney to pursue owners of long-term blighted properties.

Parking Garages

Through Downtown Parking Authority, DMC owns and/or leases 9 public parking garages throughout Downtown.  DMC also identifies future parking needs to determine if new garages are required to meet demand and works with new businesses in Downtown to address parking needs.


Events and Event Grants

From on-street lunch performances to Downtown Dining Week, we produce a variety of events focused on creating an exciting environment that is inclusive and representative of our community.  We also offer Event Grants that support new events and actively recruit festivals and large scale events to Downtown.

Business Recruitment and Retention

Beyond working closely with commercial brokers to help them recruit new businesses to Downtown, our Business Recruiter reaches out to retailers and restaurants that offer appropriate and needed services for the Downtown Market.  We also maintain close relationships with existing businesses to identify any needs and concerns and to help them succeed Downtown.

Communications and Outreach

Through a variety of communications tools, we share news, events, business opportunity and market information about Downtown to both the public at large and to the investment/development community.  Online communicaitons includes, Get Downtown Weekly Newsletter, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,,  We launch focused marketed campaigns, provide dozens of bus tours, collaborate with neighborhood stakeholders, produce quarterly Downtown magazines, maps, market studies, reports and collateral material.