Get Down Memphis

DMC Board of Directors

The Downtown Memphis Commission operations are directed and implemented by its 16-member Downtown Memphis Commission Board of Directors. The board is comprised of:

  • 10 private-sector members appointed by the county and city mayors and approved by the City Council and County Commission;
  • a city mayor representative and a county mayor representative;
  • one city council member and one county commissioner;
  • and two state legislators.

Current DMC Board Members:

Deni Reilly, Chairman

Terry Woodard, Vice Chairman

Benjamin Orgel, Secretary

John Pontius, Treasurer

Councilman Cheyenne Johnson

Rep. Barbara Cooper

John Zeanah

Demar Roberts

Julie Ellis

Cheryl Pesce

Mauricio Calvo

Joann Massey

Williams Brack

Elizabeth Low

Raumesh Akbari

Commissioner Mickell Lowery