Get Down Memphis

Commonly referred to as the Downtown Parking Authority (DPA), the Parking Authority of the City of Memphis and County of Shelby, Tennessee, is a seven-member board chartered by the State of Tennessee. The mission of the Downtown Parking Authority is to use public parking as a catalyst for development, and to insure that there is an adequate supply of public parking to support a growing Downtown.

The DPA establishes parking policies and coordinates parking management. The DPA contracts with private parking companies for day-to-day operations, tracks rates and occupancies of other Downtown parking lots and structures, assists with strategic planning for existing and future parking facilities in Downtown, and issues bonds for construction or acquisition of additional parking facilities.

The DPA currently owns and/or manages eight public parking garages:

• The Justice Center Garage (245 Washington Avenue)

• Shoppers Garage (85 North Front)

• Riverfront Garage (35 Monroe Avenue)

• Peabody Place Office Tower Garage (110 Peabody Place)

• Barboro Flats Parking Garage (100 Main Street)

• One Commerce Square Garage (Union at Second)

• 250 Peabody Place Garage (250 Peabody Place)

• First Park Place (21 South Second)

Click here to review the Guidelines for Downtown Memphis Parking Garages and Surface Parking Lots

Current DPA Board Members:

Shanea McKinney, Chairman 

John Golwen, Secretary & Treasurer

Suzanne Carlson

Alvin Crook

Shara Goldin

Travis Green

Wayne West