Get Down Memphis

Memphis has been nationally recognized as a leader in efforts to meet the needs of individuals who are experiencing homelessness. Through Downtown churches and outreach agencies, meal programs are readily available seven days a week. Caring, competent providers are easily accessible to assess the needs of a homeless person and refer him or her to appropriate housing, medical care, or residential treatment and recovery services for substance abusers.

If you are seeking assistance for someone, or are interested in donating money or your time to help our local homeless population, following is a list of downtown providers for emergency shelters and assistance programs:

The Hospitality Hub

A resource center that connects individuals with the resources they need to begin their journey out of homelessness. A good first stop to identify needs and find direction fulfilling those needs.
Location: 82 N. Second Street, 901-522-1808

Room in the Inn 

Provides emergency shelter and meals during the coldest months of the year—November through March
Location: 212 N Second Street, 901-443-6643

Calvary Rescue Mission

Shelter and outreach for adult men.
Location: 960 S Third Street, 901-775-2570

Memphis Union Mission

Emergency housing for adult men and intact families.
Location: 383 Poplar Avenue, 901-526-8403

Salvation Army Purdue Center for Hope

Emergency shelter for women with and without children. 
Location: 696 Jackson Avenue, 901-542-8586

YWCA Abused Women's Services

Emergency housing for battered women with and without children.

Alpha Omega Veteran's Services

Drop in center providing food and shower facilites for veterans.
Location: 2226 Ball Road, 901-726-5066, 1183 Madison Avenue

Porter Leath Children's Center 

An emergency shelter for youth, 577-2500, 868 N. Manassas 


OUTMemphis has served the Mid-South region for over 27 years. The Youth Emergency Services (YES) program, provides 18-24-year-old LGBTQ youth experiencing homelessness with essential services and housing assistance. OUTMemphis (901) 278-6422 892 S Cooper St

Homeless Outreach Tool 

Community Alliance for the Homeless outreach tool for single adults. Since 1995, Community Alliance for the Homeless, Inc. (formerly Partners for the Homeless) has served as the city's premier information source for homeless programs. Community Alliance for the Homeless links planners, providers, data, and resources to develop a comprehensive system for ending homelessness.

Other resources

  • Emergency Housing Hotline 901-529-4545 for families
  • Shelby County Victims Assistance Center - assistance for victims of violent crimes, 545-4357 (call for location) 

Suggested Community Response

  • Aggressive Panhandling is illegal in Downtown Memphis - if you are approached in a way that makes you uncomfortable, please call the BSB hotline and an officer will assist you.

  • Aggressive Panhandlers are rarely homeless.

  • Homelessness is very different issue than aggressive panhandling. The best way to help a person experiencing homelessness is by donating to charities that serve this population, or by directing anyone experiencing homelessness in Downtown to contact the Hospitality Hub at 82 N Second Street.

  • Street performers are not panhandlers - they are "Buskers" and we support their efforts and welcome them and their music on our Downtown streets!

  • Vendors with permits are not panhandlers. 

You can report aggressive panhandling issues by calling the Downtown Memphis Commission's security and hospitality team, the Blue Suede Brigade, at 901-281-9146.