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Downtown is Memphis' Safest Precinct

According to statistic from the Memphis Police Department, Downtown is located in the safest precinct in the city of Memphis.

But even with that designation, maintaining safety for residents, workers, and visitors in Downtown is a priority for the Downtown Memphis Commission.

To do this, DMC employs a Public Safety Manager who is responsible for administering Downtown Memphis Commission's public safety programs to help maintain a safe, secure, and comfortable environment for Downtown visitors, residents, and business people.

The Public Safety Manager works closely with the Memphis Police Department (MPD). MPD has recently employed several new initiatives designed specifically for our urban environment:

  • A four-man bike squad patrols the Core that includes Exchange to Beale, and Front to Third
  • Security cameras have been strategicially placed throughout the Downtown Core that feed into MPD's Real Time Crime Center
  • A city ordinance has been enacted to restrict panhandling in Downtown to site specific zones

To support the efforts of the MPD, the DMC initiated the creation of a Safety and Traffic Task Force made up of stakeholders from the private and public sectors, including ranking officials from the Memphis Police Department. The Task Force was originally established to coordinate special event planning related to traffic flow, crowd management, and crime control. The pro-active disposition of the Task Force eventually led it to consider strategic planning for all downtown activities.

Public Safety Officers work hand in hand with all members of the community to address the issues and discover solutions. Security personnel complement MPD and strive to reduce their quality of life calls for service to allow the police more time for serious calls. Most quality of life incidents are resolved through voluntary compliance and officers also make social service referrals to relevant providers.

The Downtown Memphis Commission's Blue Suede Brigade, our on-the-street ambassadors, also provide monitoring and direct reporting to the downtown precinct.

Downtown Safety Resources

For help, call a Downtown Security Officer at (901) 281-9146!

DMC Public Safety and Code Enforcement Management, 
Deb Streeter(streeter [at] downtownmemphis [dot] com)

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