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The Downtown Memphis Parking Study is a comprehensive study to evaluate the development of an implementable Parking Management Plan. 

Parking Study - Report: November 2019

Thank you to everyone who gave input on our parking study through our open houses and other methods - updated plan can be viewed here. 

The Study

This data-driven effort is guided by clear goals and objectives for the future of Downtown set forth in the Downtown Memphis Commission’s (DMC) Strategic Plan. The resulting Parking Management Plan will specifically address:

  • Existing areas of low and high parking demand throughout Downtown, including the Medical District.
  • Future parking needs as Downtown continues to develop
  • Parking management and governance structure
  • Fiscally responsible parking management
  • Parking technology throughout the district
  • Future parking needs as the Downtown and Medical District continue to develop

Beyond parking itself, the plan will also recommend a potential set of multimodal strategies that will help make getting to and around Downtown easy, enjoyable, and affordable. Streetscape improvements to create complete streets, bike-friendly programming and other transportation demand management measures, and enhanced wayfinding will continue to reduce strain on Downtown’s parking system.


In May of 2018, Nelson\Nygaard and MKSK Studios were brought on by the DMC to develop a comprehensive approach to parking management, supply and provision in Downtown and the Medical District. Working with an interdisciplinary team, this effort will address the unique demands generated by this regional destination and seek to balance the growing demands of Downtown’s diverse constituency to enhance Downtown’s livability and culture.

Major Study Components

  • Focused community and stakeholder engagement at project onset to help define parking challenges and needs and inform the goals of the project. Community and stakeholder input throughout the project, including community workshops, meetings, and an online survey.
  • Comprehensive inventory of the existing Downtown parking system, including on and off-street parking and associated regulations and infrastructure.
  • Complete understanding of how the parking system is currently being used at key times throughout the day; on weekdays and weekends; district by district.
  • Projection of future parking demand based on future development Downtown.
  • Parking Management Plan that addresses existing deficiencies, helps maximize the management and use of existing parking assets, creates a more user-friendly parking system, and plans appropriately for future parking needs while considering future technology advancements.


The project, launched in June 2018, will include data collection, robust community engagement, and stakeholder input to solicit feedback on key parking challenges and desired areas of improvement.

Draft Plan

The final draft of the plan was published in July 2019

Downtown Parking Study Working Group

Ron Belz, President and Chief Executive Officer, Belz Enterprises
Suzanne Carlson, Transportation and Mobility Project Manager, Innovate Memphis
Stephen Edwards, Transportation Planning Program Manager, City of Memphis
Glenn Gadbois, Program Manager, Memphis Medical District Collaborative
Bobbi Gillis, Center City Revenue Finance Corporation Board of Directors
Terry Glover, Engineer/Designer, City of Memphis
Adam Groveman, Director of Development, Belz Enterprises
Ken Johnson, Engineer, City of Memphis
John Lancaster, Director of Planning and Scheduling, Memphis Area Transit Authority
Terry Lynch, President, The Southland Companies
Doug McGowen, Chief Operating Officer, City of Memphis
Shanea McKinney, Downtown Parking Authority Board of Directors
Will Norris, Membership Coordinator/Executive Assistant, Memphis Bar Association; President, Downtown Neighborhood Association
David Perry, Director, Facility Services, AutoZone
John Pontius, Downtown Memphis Commission Board of Directors
Marty Regan, Lawyer, Lewis Thomason
Gary Rosenfeld, Chief Executive Officer, Memphis Area Transit Authority
Alex Turley, Vice President of Real Estate, Henry Turley Company
Dawn Vinson, Project Manager, Dawn Vinson Consulting
Paul Young, Director, Division of Housing and Community Development, City of Memphis
John Zeanah, Director, Memphis and Shelby County Division of Planning and Development

Iain Banks, Senior Associate, Nelson\Nygaard
Jennifer Oswalt, President, Downtown Memphis Commission
Brett Roler, Vice President of Planning and Development, Downtown Memphis Commission