Get Down Memphis

Consultant services on the design of the new Loews Memphis Hotel

Rule Joy Trammell + Rubio (RJTR) would like to invite the design consultant community Memphis the opportunity to express interest in responding to an upcoming RFQ/RFP for consultant services on the design of the new Loews Memphis Hotel.

The project consists of a new 557 key Loews Hotel located in Memphis, TN, on the Plaza site adjacent the Memphis Convention Center. The project will also include two (2) ballrooms, meeting rooms, food and beverage services, and recreation amenities. The project will not include parking. The total gross area of the project is approximately 540,000 square feet.

The Hotel shall be approved as “qualified public use facilities” in accordance with Tennessee Code Ann. § 7-88-101 et. Seq. after January 1, 2007. As such, the projects will be “covered qualified public use facilities” under Tennessee Code Ann. §7-88-116 (the “Statute”).

If you feel your business meets the qualifications for the services required and would like to submit a proposal, we will send you an RFP/RFQ. We also encourage local firms to reach out to the national firms submitting responses to this RFPs to see if you can partner. Firms are as follows:
A. Civil Engineering
a. Kimley – Horn
B. Landscape/Hardscape Architect
a. Kimley – Horn
C. Structural Engineering
a. Brockette/Davis/Drake
b. Stanley D Lindsey
D. MEP & FP Engineering
a. Jordan & Skala
b. Leppard Johnson & Associates
c. Alvine Engineering
E. AV/ Low Voltage
a. Jordan & Skala
b. Leppard Johnson & Associates
c. Electro Media
d. NIT Consultants
F. Acoustics
a. Electro Media
G. Interior Design
a. Simone Deary Design Group
b. Looney & Associates
H. Food Services/Laundry
a. Food Strategy
b. Camacho USA
I. Lighting Design
a. Lux et Veritas Design
J. Wind Tunnel Testing
a. CCP Wind
b. RWDI Consulting Engineers

If you are interested in participating, please email Heather O’Tuel at hotuel [at] rjtrdesign [dot] com with your contact information.